Fig and prosciutto naan pizza

Fig and Prosciutto Naan Pizza

It is with much excitement that I can announce to the world that Alison and I are moving to Chicago! We’re leaving the beautiful Northeast and we’re heading back home to be near our friends and family. We are extremely excited, but moving comes with one hitch. We have to move…. Which means packing.


If you could see our tiny apartment, all you would see are boxes. Stacks and stacks of boxes everywhere!!! We can barely move!!! But, it comes with the territory I suppose.


So for dinner tonight, I was originally feeling ambitious and then I remembered, I’ve packed almost all my cooking supplies. All I have left unpacked is a frying pan, baking sheet and a few wooden spoons. That’s it. Wampp wammpppp. Dinner was going to be a challenge.


CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!! Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you my delicious Fig and Prosciutto naan pizza! I’m telling you this was a 10! A 10+ to be completely honest!! The balance of sweet and salty couldn’t have come out any better!!


Fig Pizza


As I was brainstorming with Alison about this I had originally wanted to make this on ciabatta. Then Alison suggest the one component that made the whole meal. “Why don’t you make it on a naan?” Eureka! Genius!! Thank you Alison!!!!  Have I recently told you how much I love this woman?!


We have always been big fans of Stonefire naan.  High in quality and no “mystery” ingredients. These naans are actually made in a legitimate tandoori oven. These ovens reach extremely high temperatures and give this delicious naan it’s flavor and texture. If your local store happen to carry, Stonefire naan, pick one up. And if they don’t…. Ask them to carry it because you’re missing out!!!


So if you’re short on time and…. uhhh…. cooking tools, this recipe is a must make. As we were eating this we both agreed, this with a glass of red wine would make an amazing appetizer at a party or with a few friends to share.


As always, let us know how yours turn out and be sure to tag us on Instagram or stop by our Facebook page!

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